In the United States, it is estimated that 80% of individuals’ legal needs go unmet. Roughly 38 million Americans who would benefit from legal assistance are not receiving any. Businesses also face challenges related to the expense of legal services.

Developers, designers, lawyers, lean thinkers, project managers, data analysts and other professionals can work together to create solutions that improve the efficiency and delivery of legal services, as well as the access to legal services. At LexHacks, these professionals will form teams and work together to compete for cash prizes for developing software-based solutions to challenges posted by sponsors.

For complete rules and to sign up to participate, visit

LexHacks will be held at WeWork, a new co-working space in the River North neighborhood of Chicago (111 West Illinois St., Chicago, IL 60654) on Saturday and Sunday, June 6 and 7, 2015.

The event kicks off with registration and breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. At 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, sponsors take the main stage to introduce themselves and any challenges they may have posted. The winners of each challenge are announced on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Free food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided onsite.

Can't attend or participate in person? Watch portions LIVE on Google #HOA via YouTube on the MSU Law Channel.

9:30am CT Saturday - kickoff and sponsor challenges announced

3:00pm CT Sunday - deadline to submit solutions via ChallengePost

3:30pm CT Sunday - contestants begin pitching solutions directly to Challenge Sponsors

4:30pm CT Sunday - main stage pitches

5:45pm CT Sunday - winners announced


The Challenges:

$1,000 eVantage Services Challenge

$1,000 KMStandards Challenge

$1,000 Illinois Legal Aid Online Challenge

$1,000 Michigan Legal Help Program Challenge

$500 LexPredict Challenge

$500 MSU Law IPIC Challenge

$250 NexLP Challenge

Learn more about and join the donors who are supporting the Illinois Legal Aid Online and Michigan Legal Help Program public-interest challenges.

LexHacks is affiliated with the Chicago Legal Innovation meetup group.

Michigan State University College of Law and openlegal are the coordinating sponsors of LexHacks.


 Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to our promotional partners who have provided the following additional prizes:
  • Traklight will be providing a 7-year subscription to its "ID your IP" service ($199 value) for each winning team at LexHacks. Traklight's cloud-based software platform empowers businesses to identify risks and prioritize tasks in order to capture their full potential value and mitigate risk
  • Valcu will waive its fees for an incorporation and setup for each individual on the winning teams ($49 + $99 value per incorporation). 


Any individual officially registered for the event through both and ChallengePost may participate. Teams will be formed on ChallengePost, both before the event and at the event site. We expect that some participants will participate remotely, but at least one member from each team must be physically onsite.

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,250 in prizes

eVantage Services (an Orlans Group Company) Challenge $1,000 * Detecting PII at the Point of Distribution

KMStandards Challenge $1,000 * Standard English for Lawyers (DraftingStandards)

NexLP Challenge $250 * Algorithm to Identify Emotions in Text

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for the LexHacks event at This gets you a ticket to the event.
  2. Register for a ChallengePost account on this page.
  3. Check out the various challenges linked above.
  4. Form a team on ChallengePost, or at the event on June 6.
  5. Complete the challenge(s) you wish to attempt.
  6. Submit* your completed product via ChallengePost by 3pm local time on Sunday, June 7.

*Please choose only one team member to submit each challenge; do not submit the same solution multiple times. The person on each team who submits an entry will be the team designee for receiving any prizes awarded.


Michael Bommarito

Michael Bommarito

Kingsley Martin

Kingsley Martin

Irina Matveeva

Irina Matveeva

Adam Candeub

Adam Candeub
MSU College of Law

Brian Brown

Brian Brown
eVantage Services, an Orlans Group Company

Lisa Colpoys

Lisa Colpoys
Illinois Legal Aid Online

Angela Tripp

Angela Tripp
Michigan Legal Help

Judging Criteria

  • Challenge Sponsor Discretion
    Each challenge sponsor in their sole discretion will choose the winning team for their challenge. The following guidelines have been suggested to the challenge sponsors: 1. Execution 2. Innovation 3. Design 4. Impact 5. Adaptability 6. Scalability

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