about 7 years ago

3pm Deadline for Submissions

If you haven't submitted your solution, please do so now. If you are having problems, please contact Dan, Jon, Andy, or Ric immediately. Thank you.

about 7 years ago

Sunday Schedule

We’ve slightly modified the Sunday schedule so that the day will wrap up a little earlier tomorrow (by about 6:15pm). The schedule below is also reflected on the Home page. The deadline to submit solutions remains 3pm Sunday.

3:00pm CT Sunday - deadline to submit solutions via ChallengePost

3:30pm CT Sunday - contestants begin pitching solutions directly to Challenge Sponsors

4:30pm CT Sunday - main stage pitches

5:45pm CT Sunday - winners announced

about 7 years ago

Update to Judging Criteria

We've suggested some guidelines for challenge sponsors to use when judging solutions. Keep in mind that these are only guidelines. Each challenge sponsor has the sole discretion to select a winner for its challenge. The suggested guidelines, which appear on the Home page under "Judging Criteria" are: 1. Execution 2. Innovation 3. Design 4. Impact 5. Adaptability 6. Scalability

If you have any questions, please talk to Dan, Jon, Ric, or Andy.