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$1,000 Challenge - LexHacks 2015 - KMStandards

Standard English for Lawyers (DraftingStandards)

Develop an application (preferably a web app) to conform a contract to plain or standard English.

Resources for the challenge:
ContractStandards style guide:
Sample contracts:

The application should allow the user to paste the text of the agreement into the application. Then the application will highlight issues and offer suggestions.

1. Integrate a grammar checker such as AfterTheDeadline.

2. Calculate the Flesch-Kincaid score for the document and flag sentences above a readability threshold. (
Note that this may require reflowing the document where line breaks are used to separate clauses, terminated with a semi colon, as opposed to a period.

3. Flag long paragraphs that exceed a threshold based on the number of lines or words.

4. Flag all legalese and, if possible, replace legalese with standard English. Legalese samples and replacement suggestions are available in the ContractStandards style guide.

For questions, please email:

Learn more about KMStandards at:


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    What's the preferred programming language please?

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    The preference is JavaScript and jQuery.

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